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  2007-04-30 13:29:23
  Opening Concert of 2007 Euro Music Festival Leipzig
  Date&Time : July 17th(Tue) 2007, 20:00
  Venue : Mendelssohn Saal, GEWANDHAUS

The 19th Euro Music Festival raises the curtain with the opening concert at Gewandhaus where is
the symbol of Leipzig.

Before the concert, there will be the official Opening Ceremony which includes
the congratulatory message by the Rector of Hochschule Leipzig, Professor Robert Ehrlich
and welcome speech by the Music Directors of the Festival, Professor Choong Mo Kang and
Professor Gerald Fauth.

Afte the Opening Ceremony, the concert will begin with the solo stage by two distinguished participants
of former year, Ms Ayano Shimada who lives in Paris and has concert activities as a soloist and Mr. Vitaly Pisarenko who comes from Ukraine and is a winner of several major international competitions.

On the stage of the second part after intermission, Cello Professor Jens Peter Maintz will play Bach Solo Suite. He is a Cello Professor at the University of Arts Berlin, Germany.


L. Janacek
Sonata 1.X.1905 "Z ulice"
- Presentiment
- Death

C. Debussy        
2 Preludes
- Bruyères (Heath)
- Feux d'artifice (Fireworks)
L'Isle joyeuse
Ayano Shimada, Piano

P. I. Tchaikovsky  

Danse Macabre op.40
Vitaly Pisarenko, Piano

                                          - INTERMISSION -

J. S. Bach                  
Suite No.6 in D Major BWV1012
- Prelude - Allemande - Courante - Sarabande - Gavotte I&II - Gigue
Jens Peter Maintz, Cello

Karten zu 10 EUR, erm. 7 EUR
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