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  2007-03-19 10:21:12
  Euro Music Festival - Spree of Chamber Music
  Date&Time : Febraury 21(Tue) 2006, 7:30pm
  Venue : Busan Cultural Center

On February with still cold wind reaching to the collar of a coat, Euro Arts came to Busan.

The 16th Euro Music Festival fully showed the essence of chamber music which makes much of harmony among instruments.

The first stage was cellist Jens Peter Maintz. Mr. Maintz played Beethoven's last cello sonata D major Op.102.
He, having much in reserve in keeping time with the pianist, expressed splendid tone color as if exploding at a time.

Next was Enescu's concertpiece for Viola and Piano. Violist Hartmut Rohde appeared on the stage. Mr. Rohde, with skillful hands, easily accomplished high-pitched tones.
When Mr. Rhode used the bow up with long breath, audience even shouted for exclamation in high octave part.

The piece decorating finale stage of Euro Music Festival, was Brahms' Horn Trio which is the only piece using Horn among Brahms' chamber music works and
which has soft and romantic beauty.
Hornist Young Yul Kim appeared with violinist Christiane Edinger whose comfortable smile like that of our mothers and made a deep impression on our mind. Two players displayed their outstanding skills being well-matched to their reputation.
Whirls of tone generous, passionate, dancing and singing, silent, storm arising, overwhelmed the atmosphere of the concert hall.

On this performance, pianist Gerald Fauth played together with string performers and constructed another world.
In spite of cold weather, audience's hearts filled hot.

The aerial feature of Busan is that singing has more response than instruments, which makes citizens of Busan hardly see world top instrument artists in Busan.
Euro Music Festival became a cool welcome rain to citizens of Busan and moistened their knotted sensibility.
Euro Arts Ensemble Invitation Concert
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