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   2011 EMF in Wuppertal, Germany(English)
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July 18 - August 18, 2011
Wuppertal, Germany

Euro Music Festival has been held twice a year in summer and winter since 1998,
in different cities in Europe such as Vienna, Klosterneuburg, Prague, Mainz, Leipzig and in South Korea such as Seoul, Busan and many more.
For13 year-history, more than 700 professors and 6,000 music-students have joined.  
Aiming the friendship and harmony through music by musicians coming from all over the world,
with continuously increasing and developing, Euro Music Festival has become one of the well-known
international music festivals.

Euro Music Festival is composed of ACADEMY and CONCERT.
The Academy Faculty is joined by approx. 60 world-renowned music professors and artists.
Many of them perform solo or chamber music at various concerts including Opening Concert
or Master Concert(Professors’ Concert).

In the Academy, music-studying students from more than 40 countries participate in the academy.
The number of the participating students is over 300 annually.
Euro Music Festival has reputation in the high level of the participants.
Every year, prominent young artists join. Many of them are the prize winner in major international
competitions such as Queen Elisabeth, Rubinstein, Geneva, Maria Canals, Hamamatsu, Long-
Thibaud, Busoni, Dublin, Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms, Epinal, Rostropovich, Cassado, etc..
Each of young artists, performer as well as the Academy participant, play at different concerts
like Opening Concert, Prize Winner Concert, Young Virtuoso Concert, Young Artist Concert
or The Distinguished Participant Concert, etc..

In 2011, Euro Music Festival is held on July 18 – August 18 in Wuppertal city in cooperation with
Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln.
The Academy place is Standort Wuppertal. For one month-festival period, over 40 concerts will be held
in Stadthalle, Immanuelskirche, Konzert Saal and Kammermusiksaal - Standort Wuppertal HfMT Köln.

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